Sustainable goals

In compliance with several UN sustainable goals

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With our MGS and Vertical Farming systems, we help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the horticultural sector. Enabling a massive increase in production yields while at the same time using fewer resources.

Our MGS system is reducing the water consumption in lettuce and herbs production 30 times. Our solution furthermore purifies and reuses the irrigation water avoiding unnecessary fertilizer waste, thus contributing to cleaner water in the future.


Our vertical farming solution helps to promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization. By allowing the production of vegetables to become part of the urban structure, the massive carbon footprint caused by transportation of cultivated goods is severely reduced.


Our MGS and vertical farming system helps to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, by carefully controlling the resources used in production, avoiding unnecessary use of both, water, energy, fertilizer and transportation.


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Greenhouses are our specialty, and we provide the optimal greenhouses for modern horticultural cultivation.

MGS Systems


Our MGS system is designed to reduce labor, energy and water consumption, thereby both reducing your production costs and your environmental footprint.



We have developed two different types of rolling benches that meet today’s demands for efficient plant production.

Vertical Farming


Your production is moved directly into the future. Enabling production in any place, while reducing both your production costs and your environmental footprint.


Here you can get an estimation of how applying one of our solutions to your greenhouse project will affect your production yields, your water and labor consumption.

Transport systems


We are specialized in development, production and installation of high technology transport systems and processing systems for horticultural producers.